This week’s word is romance. What is romance? The definition is a love affair or love idealized for its beauty or purity. I think that society has greatly defined the image that appears when we think of romance. As girls, we all want our Westley to our Buttercup, our Peter to our Wendy, our Prince Charming to our Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White. But are those images really attainable? If we’re extremely lucky, maybe, but more likely not than so. Most of us, hopefully, end up with someone who loves us. It would be nice to be able to add unconditionally, but we are human – and that is our condition.

I am happy to have met a man who does loves me. Though in the beginning it took his persistence for me to take notice. He was a friend of a friend, and I had just come off a long-term relationship that did not end on cordial terms. As any woman would be, I was wary of a new relationship. My heart had been broken by someone whom I thought I would be with for quite some time, only to find that in his words “the years we spent together were nothing but a waste of my (his) time.” I was not looking for another heartbreak. My emotions were exhausted.

Then in swoops this man who would eventually turn my world around. He loved me when I thought no one did. (Rejection will do that to you.) I rejected his advanced, but he continued. Then, one night, I thought to myself – why can’t someone love me? Just because one person doesn’t anymore doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t allow someone else to try. Just because one person hurt me so much doesn’t mean that this person will. They are not the same person. So I accepted the fact that he liked me and we became a couple.

Dating and living together eventually turned into marriage. This year marks our twelfth anniversary. Those 12 years have not gone without their trials and tribulations. We spent the first year in a house with no water due to weather issues and the timing on when they were drilling the well and laying out the septic. We’ve been through ours ups and downs. Debt, arguments, tears, laughter and most of all love. And I must say that on this Valentine’s Day, I love this man as much, if not more, than the day we were married. I hope that he would feel the same way. He may not be the most romantic guy in the universe, but he is my Romance.


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