This week’s word is Light. This can be interpreted in so many ways as a photographer. When shooting a client, you hope for the best light. Not harsh sunlight. If you’re like me, you selfishly wish that your client would choose early morning  to schedule their session so that you can take advantage of the golden light that is available in the wee hours while others sleep or sip on their morning coffee. Sure there is equally beautiful light in the evening, but most locations my clients choose are busier in the evening, so I have to contend with the general public. We all strive to find that perfect glow that somehow enhances the true beauty of the photo (even if it is only in our minds). Sometimes this means waking up early and traipsing out in 32 degree weather to get the shot that the client desires, and I just love.

Sometimes schedules don’t mesh for you to have what you consider to be the most optimum light. You have to make it work with what you have got. This may mean positioning the subject in just the right way. Sometimes the light needs to come from behind.

Sometimes you have to use window or doors to have that directional lighting.

And sometimes everything just works as is.

I also work to capture the light of the subject. The inner essence that makes them who they are. I don’t want just the same old same old poses, but I also don’t want something that makes the picture something to cringe at. I want my photographs to be a true reflection of the subject. Something that they will want to look at day after day, year after year, to remind them and display to others the person they truly are. I try to get pictures of moments when they are least expecting the shutter to click. Some of the best pictures, and the ones that draw the most emotional attachment from clients, are usually the ones I snap in between poses or test shots for the next pose. They just seem to capture that spark of the person when they let their guard down and just be themselves.

Let them stand of things, if it’s appropriate and allowed.

Give them someplace to relax, kick back, and throw up their feet.

Capture those genuine moments of love.

Or just work with small children to learn how to snap, snap, snap to get their full range of emotion.

I always try to remember to look for the light, both outside and within.


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