This week’s word is artist. To me, an artist is someone who chooses to share their passion with others. This could be a painter, a crafter, a musician, a dancer, a singer, a photographer, a writer, someone who draws or anything else that shows expression. To be an artist takes courage because you open yourself up to criticism because you choose to share a part of yourself. Criticism is difficult because it can trigger so many emotions. You can question your abilities if people do not like your work. You can question your medium or subject based on feedback you receive. You may not feel as passionate or become even more passionate about what you do. You also know that you have touched others with what you do because you have caused them to think and form an opinion. They may not agree with your work, but you have enlightened others.

An artists subject is also important. You must feel for your subject whether it be negative or positive to be able to convey and evoke emotions in your audience. You also have to understand your audience and what you want them to feel.

As a photographer, there are times when I have taken a picture and fallen in love with the result. However, when it comes time for my client to order, that shot is not even in the top group they have selected. I can’t let that discourage me. I simply have to read my audience (client) and produce other images that will be of their taste. However, I still have to stay true to myself and offer the images that I prefer along with others.

I face the same issue when I make soaps or sugar scrubs. Some customers request fragrances that I would never think of producing, or that I may not like. But I still work my best to attempt to produce what they like because not only they, but others may enjoy those scents and it will gain me clients.


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