So I have this friend, who’s a wonderful woman. She’s a single mom to a beautiful little man. Like most moms, her child is her focus. We want them to be the best they can be, and sometimes forget that we need to take that moment for ourselves so that we replenish our strength, energy, and attitude so we can be the best mom for them. Recently, my friend has decided to make changes in her life to better herself. For this, and all while still being the best mom, co-worker, and friend she can be….she’s dynamite and I made her this to remind her (pattern by K4TT at Fiber Doodles) and in the words of Katy Perry “you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine….baby, you’re a firework!



One thought on “Dynamite!

  1. You made me cry.. Thank you for your kind words and this present. I love it and if we get our own desks at the new place, I will be bringing dyno with me to put on my desk… If not.. he’s going in my car so I can see him always and be reminded of how much of a great friend you are.. You keep me grounded and sane.

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