Surfing and Vitamins

Me: Gotta love junk email., jdate for Jewish singles, ink for my printer, spacebags. Where do they find their info to want to send me this crap?
Hubster: Your browsing history.
Me: I don’t need ink or have looked for spacebags. I haven’t been to any Jewish related sites or dating sites. I didn’t even search ginkgo for you to take for your memory.
Hubster: Oh, I got vitamins at the store.
Me: Really, what kind? (Flintstones probably)
Hubster: One-a-day sour gummies.
Me: So does that mean in the morning you’re going to look like this *insert sour pucker face here* when you take them in the morning? (Don’t know why I said in the morning twice. Maybe because it’s been a long day.)
Hubster: They’re not sour.
Me: Oh you’ve already taken one.
Hubster: I took 5.
Me: Uhm, they’re one-a-day vitamins, not candy.
Hubster: Well they were like a snack.


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