Monthly Archives: October 2012


Munchkin: we wear pink on Monday.
Me: why do you wear pink on Monday?
Munchkin: everyone does because it’s breath cancer awareness day.
Me: (stifling a giggle) it’s what?
Munchkin: breath cancer awareness day.
Me: are you sure?
Munchkin: yea. Breath cancer.
Me: I think you mean breast cancer awareness.
Munchkin: breath, breast whatever it is.
Me: do you know what a breast is?
Munchkin: what?
Me: a boobie
Munchkin: huh?
Me: boobies, boobs, ta-tas, chi-chis….
Munchkin: ahhhhhhh now I get it. It’s not breath.



So I hear a rustling coming from the kitchen and see Munchkin’s head on the other side of the counter.
Me: what are you doing?
Munchkin: me?
Me: yes you. If you’re getting a snack, you know your dad will be home soon and we’ll be having dinner.
Munchkin: I’m just making some peanut butter cheese.
Me: OMG that sounds so gross.
Munchkin: how do you know? Have you ever tried it?
Me: noooooooo way
Munchkin: you should try it, you might like it. You’ll never know if you don’t try it.
Me: nope, I’ll never know.
Munchkin: maybe we should try pretzels and peanut butter.
Me: yea that sounds a million times better.


So here is a question for all you Elf on the Shelfers….. When does your elf reappear? I have seen some elves return during other holidays because we all know elves LOVE to celebrate. Then I have seen other elves who are far too busy to periodically party with the people and only return around thanksgiving or early December. Does your elf send letters while he is away? I wanna know, so please share!