Monthly Archives: December 2012

Poppie in the truck

Munchkin: mom?
Me: yea
Munchkin: poppie’s asleep in the truck
Me: that’s ok. Just as he’s not dead in the truck we’re ok
Mo: well if so we could just drive by a hospital, open the door, and push him out
Me: like in whatever movie that was. Well, if he was, that would be a little to griswaldy for me.
Hubster: or it would be like weekend at Bernie’s
*pulling up to stop light & poppie moves*
Munchkin: he’s not dead.



Munchkin: dad, can I get more broccoli please.
Hubster: sure
She goes into the kitchen, plays around a bit, and comes back out with some broccoli on her plate covered by a slice of cheese.
H: hey, I said you could have broccoli. I didn’t say you could have cheese.
M: but you can’t have broccoli without cheese.
H: broccoli makes you fart, but cheese on top of it is worse. It makes you fart on a fart on a fart.