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Yeasty krispie treats

Conversation in the car this morning between Munch & her friend.

Friend: once my mom and I made Rice Krispie treats, but she left out an ingredient. I don’t know which one, but it was probably a main one because they were so messy and wouldn’t stay together.
Munch: was it yeast? I bet it was yeast. You gotta have yeast to blow it up. Yeast blows everything up.


Detergent adventure part deux

So I know everyone is dying to know the results of my adventure. Like I said, I used it on the towels we use in the puppy’s kennel.

Soil – as good as any other detergent I’ve used.

Scent – ehh. I used a scent and from what I can tell, it is faint. Which is ok since you don’t want your items smelling like puppy butt. I don’t know if a different scent would work better, or if more fragrance should be added when blending. I guess that’s something with which to experiment in the future.

I haven’t tried the one that I didn’t scent, yet, but I figure it will have the same cleaning properties as the scented batch.

This is most definitely a project I would try again.

What crafty adventure have you taken, or plan to take?

Detergent adventure

So I went on a detergent adventure. I used the recipe here – The longest part was waiting for the Fels Naptha to melt. It took for-ev-er. I added glycerin to both of the jars, but to one of them I added scent – fresh rain. I don’t think that a) I added enough or b) the scent is strong enough last through the full wash. I’m testing it out on the towels we’ve been using in the new pup’s kennel. Should be a good test in the grimy and smelly department.

It does thicken as it sits, and does resemble mayonnaise, so I wouldn’t leave it in the pantry, on the counter,or in the fridge. Currently, I’m storing mine in the laundry room. *gasp* I know! What a place to store laundry detergent.

Now just to wait for the load to get done to see if it’s acceptable…..