Monthly Archives: February 2013

That makes scents

Car conversation today. The girls were playing with a small mushroom toy.
Munchkin: mom, you know she puts perfume on Mushy even though he’s a boy.
Friend: he’s not a boy.
Munchkin: uh huh. He told me so.
Me: it’s ok. Boys can wear perfume.
Friend: yea. It’s called man cologne.


Thank you

Today I was a bit humbled by the display of solidarity of humanity I witnessed. I had a lunch meeting to attend, so around 11 am, I hopped in my car to head to the restaurant. As I approached the highway, I noticed people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities lined along the overpass. I entered the highway, and at the next overpass was a flag hanging between the extended ladders of two firetrucks.

As I travelled down the road, traffic became thicker, and I could see cars pulling off the side of the road. People and flags lined the highway in patches for miles. Old, young, families, individuals, couples. I then realized that all these people were coming together to pay respect to Chris Kyle. Most of these people only knew of him, and had never actually met him. Most of these people did not know each other. Here were thousands of people, literally lining the highway to honor this fallen man and his family. They tore themselves away from their computers, their errands, their everyday lives. They took a brief moment to show that people do care about others. They could have gone about their day, working, reading, driving, shopping, but they chose to join together in this one act.

I have to say that i did have a moment of emotion, sadness for the family to have to experience such a tragedy, pride that these strangers were coming together, awe that i was witness to this. I arrived at the restaurant and took a moment to reflect on what I saw in my journey.

I want to take a moment from my day to thank each of those who took time from their day to remind me that there is hope, and that sometimes there is that common thread that binds us….thank you, each and every one of you.