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Mini album insert

So I found a tutorial on you tube by Angelwings14100 for a mini album insert she did. I think it’s cute enough to stand on its own as a mini album. I grabbed a 6×6 Artistry paper pack and set out making it.

Here’s the front cover. I’m not great on embellishments yet, so this book is minimally embellished. I seem to also struggle with closures. I’m not 100% happy with the closure, but it will do.
I did think the front needed something, so I used the scraps to make a flower. Here’s the close up. I used my homemade pearl spray and homemade glimmer mists on it. I think you can see a bit of shimmer in the picture.

We open the book up and find a pocket page with a photo mat and another page with a magnet closure flap over a pocket.

On the back of all of the mats and tags in the book, I put journaling spots.

The flap pocket and mat.


Turning the page, we fine too large spaces for photos.

The page on the right is a pocket hiding a large photo mat.

That page flips up to reveal a gate fold pocket page with a magnet closure.

Open the flaps to find a few more pockets, a couple tags, and a smaller photo mat.


The gate fold page flips down for another large space for a photo, and the last page – a pocket page with a photo mat.


Finally, we have the back of the album.

All in all, it was a quick mini project. I definitely will be making more of these. Thanks for looking, and as always, comments are welcome.


Altered board book project

So I had plans of working on the base for a scrap project today, but my plans changed when I got to work this morning. When I got to work, I found a small board book that restaurants put in their kids’ meals. It looked like this to start with.


I recently got a DCWV Once Upon A Time mat stack. I thought this would be a perfect altering project. I have it mostly finished. I still need to complete the closure and make journaling tags.

This is the front cover. I used a sheet of My Mind’s Eye Adorable paper. The bling I put to use in the closure is a bauble I found on the ground one day. The flower is a Michaels flower which I distressed with Vintage Photo and spritzed with my homemade pearlized spray. I put a brad in the center and glued it to the cover. I had a Once Upon A Time sticker from a stash I got off Craigslist. I stamped a flourish off a Tim Holtz stamp in Vintage Photo. The eyelet in the upper left is also from the Craigslist haul. I attached a Tim Holtz clasp. On that I put various Industrial Chic fibers. I also added another bauble from an earring I found.


The first page is of course Once Upon A Time. The next page is embossed with a small fairy in the corner. I didn’t want to cover up the paper with a pocket, so I added a glitter embossed belly band under which tags can be tucked.


A close up of the fairy page.


The next pages are floral. I put pockets at the bottom of the pages in paper from the opposite page.


The next pages have side pockets on the inside seams with paper from the opposite page. The darker paper is glitter embossed.


The next pages have angled pockets with paper from the opposite page. Both papers are glitter embossed.


These are the last pages. The left page is a knight on his horse. I didn’t put a pocket on this page as the scene is lovely, and I didn’t want to hide it. I did take some of the same paper and made a pocket at the bottom of the next page. I, of course, used the Happily Ever After paper in this pack for the last page.


The back right now is plain until I figure out how I want to complete the closure.


I actually enjoyed this spontaneous project. As always, comments are welcome.

The butt angle

Hubster and I are in the kitchen with Brewster & snickers. Snickers was sniffing brewster’s bum. It was so funny (you had to be there for the visual), so I started laughing. I was sitting on the floor, so snickers comes over and starts licking my face.

Hubster: OMG. You now have Brewster bum on your face. She was sniffing his butt.
Me: she didn’t lick it, so it’s not on me.
H: she was sniffing it, and her lip touched it.
M: nuh-uh
H: yuh-huh. I saw it. Her bottom lips crossed the plane.
M: from your angle it may have looked like it, but you were up high. I was at the right butt angle to be able to see it, and she didn’t touch it.
H: can we record this conversation? Because you were at the right butt angle and that will be something to remember, and talk about later….

Mad cow

Hubster: snickers is licking the couch. Look at her long tongue.
(Snickers stops licking and glares at him)
Me: she’s telling you that you’re a tattletale and you need to shut up.
H: she’s got cow eyes.
M: big and brown…
H: and just enough white so it only shows when they’re going berserko.
M: with the mad cow disease….
(Snickers rolls/falls off the couch)