Mini album insert

So I found a tutorial on you tube by Angelwings14100 for a mini album insert she did. I think it’s cute enough to stand on its own as a mini album. I grabbed a 6×6 Artistry paper pack and set out making it.

Here’s the front cover. I’m not great on embellishments yet, so this book is minimally embellished. I seem to also struggle with closures. I’m not 100% happy with the closure, but it will do.
I did think the front needed something, so I used the scraps to make a flower. Here’s the close up. I used my homemade pearl spray and homemade glimmer mists on it. I think you can see a bit of shimmer in the picture.

We open the book up and find a pocket page with a photo mat and another page with a magnet closure flap over a pocket.

On the back of all of the mats and tags in the book, I put journaling spots.

The flap pocket and mat.


Turning the page, we fine too large spaces for photos.

The page on the right is a pocket hiding a large photo mat.

That page flips up to reveal a gate fold pocket page with a magnet closure.

Open the flaps to find a few more pockets, a couple tags, and a smaller photo mat.


The gate fold page flips down for another large space for a photo, and the last page – a pocket page with a photo mat.


Finally, we have the back of the album.

All in all, it was a quick mini project. I definitely will be making more of these. Thanks for looking, and as always, comments are welcome.

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