Art Adventure

Recently, I started an art journal. I’m not as diligent as I would like to be in working in it, but that’s something for me to work on. Well, kiddo saw me working in it and wanted to start her own. After an unsuccessful hunt at the house for a book to alter, we hopped in the car & headed to the Dollar Store. There she found the perfect book for her, & we headed back home.

At home we pulled out some pages and whipped up some homemade gesso. She gessoed about 20 pages, and dug in. She likes trying out new techniques I show her from other artists on YouTube. I thought I would share with you her journal so far. Here’s the cover and the first 10 pages.

The cover – I don’t know why it’s showing up sideways. She took one of the pictures in the book and glued it to the front. She also put on a sticker that says “love me, love my dog”

1st page – here she’s working with my distress ink pads. She was trying to get them to blend just right.

2nd page – this page is made from a wet wipe she painted and glued to the page. The purple circle at the top is from a toilet paper tube she used.

3rd page – this page she painted and used some bling & a flower from my stash.

4th page – this one is her dog park picture. She painted it and used her stickers.

5th page – again working with my distress ink pads and sequin mesh as a stencil.

6th page – working with color, color, and more color in acrylic paint.

7th page – this is another one of her wet wipes. This one she was using to clean up stuff & she liked how it looked.

8th page – this one is her experimenting with the sequin mesh & homemade alcohol inks.

9th page – I’m pretty sure that her friend did this page because she shared her journal with her.

10th page – her last page so far. A mixture of the alcohol inks and the distress ink pads with the sequin mesh as a stencil.

Thank you for looking, and as always, comments are welcome. I will pass them on to her.

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