Art journal

So I recently posted about kiddo’s art journal and some people have asked me about mine. Mine is in no way as far along as hers, but I guess I can share. 🙂

My journal is an altered algebra book. I haven’t done anything to the cover. I don’t know if I’m going to wait until I’m done with the journal or just do it when I get the urge. We’ll have to see.

Here is the cover now.

This is the first page. For about a week, all I had on the page were the distress and alcohol inks. I like the way they’ve blended. Then I added the stamped letters.  The white spots are white crayon explained later, but not meant to be on the page. To some, it may be a completed page, but when I look at it, I just feel there’s something missing, so I’m not calling it complete. I think I need to find a better white pen.

This page is the first page I started working on at the beginning of July. It started out being black, blue, red and yellow. I wasn’t feeling the colors, so I covered the whole thing in black. I found the picture of the girl bound in ropes in one of my photography magazines. Since she was in black, white & gray tones, I wanted to keep that feel in my page. At the time of working on this page, I felt bound or restrained by things, like the girl. The stars are hopes, dreams, potential, whatever. I don’t call this one completed because I’m looking for that perfect quote to put somewhere….probably in the silver section at the bottom. The crayon I melted onto the page stuck to the prior page when I used my heat gun on another page. That’s why there’s a smidgen of colors.

This is my first two page spread. I’m not sure where this one is going. I wanted to try out sequin scrim stenciling and using texture. For the swirl & stars I used tile putty. Proof that what you use is up to you & it doesn’t always have to be traditional art supplies. This one is definitely unfinished. I don’t know why it posted sideways.

This one isn’t finished either. Again, I don’t know where it’s going. I hope it’s powerful. So far I used acrylic paint and wax that I melted. Using the heat gun on this wax is what caused the crayon on the other page to melt again.

I actually started this page before the prior page. I was testing out new colors of my homemade alcohol inks. When I look at this, I picture a light, airy Asian scene. You know….with the pagodas perilously close to the cliff edges, but breathtakingly beautiful. Too bad I haven’t figured out how to transfer that picture in my mind onto the page. This one is definitely not finished. The white spot is paint pen. Oopsie.

This is the only page that I consider to be finished. It’s another 2 page spread. I wanted to work with texture, and i just wanted to be free in my adventure. I started with torn pieces of paper bag. Glued them down. Added torn, dried baby wipes. Added drywall tape. I covered the entire page with a blue sheet of tissue paper. I spritzed a few places with alcohol ink. I wanted to bring out some of the texture of the drywall tape, so I brushed over it with a silver acrylic. I had a McDonald’s napkin I had used to clean my stamps when I was working on the baby album, so I tore that into pieces and glued it on. I also spritzed some pieces of the napkin with ink and added them to the page. I had some baby wipes kiddo and I had used to clean brushes, so on the page they went. I brushed over the page with a pearlizing medium to give it a shimmer. Lastly, I added the stenciling of “Make A Mess” because I felt that’s what I did on this page. But it’s a happy, experimental mess.

Close up of one side.

And the other page.

I hope this inspires you to make your own beautiful mess. As always, comments are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Art journal

  1. Those are some great pages. I love the melted crayon all the texture and golden hues on the “make a mess” spread. I also appreciated your willingness to share even the ones that aren’t finished. I sometimes hesitate to put things out there that I don’t think are perfect or completely done, but I’m always glad when I do.

  2. Looks cool. So, could the whole book be based on one theme? I like the Asian influence you mentioned but I really liked the bondage one too…

    1. It can be about one theme or hodge podge like mine. Some people have multiple journals for different themes, techniques, mediums, whatever they can think of. If you make one, it’s yours and your only limit is your imagination. There are so many ideas and techniques I have yet to try, and have so many blank pages on which to run wild.

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