If you hear a voice…

So I decided I was going to draw a face in my art journal. In the past, when I drew, I hated drawing faces. They never came out up to my expectations. I had two pages I had previously painted blue and yellow just to get a background started. I penciled in a face. I was pleased with the outcome. I knew the next step was to paint it or color it in some way, but I was too afraid. I don’t paint. Plus I didn’t want to lose the object in which I was so proud, but since I knew it had to be done, I sat down at the art table.

At first I thought to use watercolor pencil as I had drawn the face and felt I might be more comfortable using pencil to color it. I pulled out a brown and a pink/red as I only have a set of 12 watercolor pencils. I colored in the face and began swiping my brush over it. I hated it. The color was not what I was looking for. I pulled out the acrylics. For the skin tone, I mixed a bit of red, white and a smidge of terracotta. Red for the lips, turquoise toned down with black for the eye. The hair was a mix of terracota, yellow, red, and white. Once I painted everything in, I used a thin black sharpie to outline everything.

I was looking at quotes online and found the perfect one by Van Gogh – If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

I did not believe that I had the skills to successfully paint in my drawing and still be happy with the results. I must say, I was wrong. What do you think? (Sorry if some of the pictures are sideways.)



Comments are welcome.


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