New Year, New Challenges

Hi, Peeps. It’s a new year full of new challenges. I found out today that I won a spot in Effy Wild’s Book of Days Course. There’s still time to sign up here if you are interested. The Book of Days Boot Camp is free to anyone to view prior to deciding or signing up for the Book of Days course. Since this is my first year to participate, I’m not sure what to expect. Along with that, I have my fauxbonichi. I am hoping to become more consistent in working in it instead of scrambling to complete 2 weeks of days in one sitting. I owe the girls in the fauxbonichi facebook group a few weekly videos showing my progress (sorry, Ladies, but I’m obviously behind). I love the freedom, creativity and simplicity of the book, so I will definitely continue with it in 2015. I also need to begin the 40 Days of Doodling course that I signed up for (and I desperately need to improve my doodling skills to make my fauxbo better).

I am also doing the Documented Life Project, which will provide me with something to do weekly. I’ve decided to use a composition notebook for my book for participating because just like the Books of Days, this will be my first time and I don’t know what to expect.This is another one I’m excited to do. I’m sure there’s probably something else creative I signed up for, but I can’t remember at the moment. I know that I have a couple of projects that I have to finish (a couple of Kathy Orta’s projects that I want to gift to others). So I need to get my butt in gear on those.

What creative projects do you have on your plate or lingering on your horizon?


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