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What to do…..

So this past weekend, Hubster got raspberries to use to make raspberry butter to go on steaks. He made it, but we didn’t get to use it because it stuck to the wax paper he wrapped it inside. Well, he had about 2-2.5 cups of berries left, with nothing to make. He gave me the mission of doing something with them before they went bad. So off to search I went. I found oodles of things to make with raspberries: crepes, tarts, jams, jellies, cookies, cakes….. Those of you who follow me on Pinterest know I’ve been on a cupcakes kick, so I narrowed down my search to cupcakes. I found chocolate raspberry, raspberry raspberry, lemon raspberry, vanilla raspberry….none looked enticing enough. Plus I wanted to use the whole berry, not a purée or jam or flavoring. I just wanted something simple. Then a white chocolate cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting caught my eye. White chocolate and raspberries got together, right? We were about to find out. I ran to the store for some final ingredients that we didn’t have readily on hand, and upon my return, I began to bake!

Now mind you…this is my first baking adventure since we got the new oven. I mixed up all the ingredients. Of course, I tasted the batter. Who mixes up a cupcake batter and doesn’t indulge in dipping in their finger to taste what’s become of all the mixing, and beating, and stirring, and folding?

Once I was done sneaking my taste and approved the batter the batter was ready, I spooned it into the tins. I stuck a lone raspberry into the middle of each cupcake.
I then spooned more batter on top of each berry to cover them up and encase their berriliciousness.
Then they baked. And baked, and baked. And once they were cooled, I piped on the white chocolate cream cheese frosting, plopped on another raspberry, sprinkled on some almonds, and drizzled on some dark chocolate. And this is what appeared…..
Unfortunately, I have yet to taste them, but my mother-in-law had one and she said it was delish. After dinner I’ll treat myself to one for dessert.