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Hubster: Mo, do you remember the original?
Mo: No.
Hubster: I remember them telling us we’re watching a movie in class & they put in Cosmos.
Me: it was hosted by Carl Sagan, Mo.
Mo: oh the guy from full house?
Kiddo: not bob saget.
Mo: oh no that’s not who I meant.
Laughter from everyone.


Wind and air farming

So this weekend we’re on a 6 hour trip to Lubbock for a chuckwagon competition. We passed large turbines they use to harness the power of the wind.

Me: look they’re farming air.
Hubster: air? Don’t you mean wind? Air can sit there and wind flows.
Me: those that are moving are being used for wind farming. The ones that aren’t moving are being used for air farming.
H: I see….
Me: hey, I thought that was a damn good explanation.
H nods and keeps driving.