Monthly Archives: June 2013

Da Plane

Hubster: look at that huge plane! It’s going to land on us! Ahhhhh!!!!
Hailea: no it looks like it’s crop dusting
Hubster: hehehe, I crop dust
Me: no you don’t. You napalm. (Insert laughter here)


That darn sun

Hubster: I refuse to take off my sunglasses. (He has prescription ones he switches with his regular ones)
Me: why because the sun can’t make up it’s mind? (We’re driving through rain in Biloxi)
Hubster: I’ll see you on the other side
Me: of the storm or the afterlife?


Hailea: Em, how do spell it?
Hubster: I. T. Geez, maybe we should have dinner with Winnie the Pooh & he can teach you how to spell it.
Hailea: I know how to spell it. I. T.
Hubster: did you ever figure out who chip & dale are?
Hailea: yea the munkies.
Hubster: chipmunks
Hailea: yea the squirrels
Hubster: I think I’m going to have more fun than you guys. I’ll just let you drive the Lamborghini.
Hailea: YES! I’ll drive the Lamborghini!
Hubster: do you know who Pluto is?
Hailea: yes
Hubster: do you know who Mickey is?
Hailea: (laughing) yes
Me: do you know who Chris verde is?
Hubster: oh man he’s awesome. I think you ought to get his autograph now!
Hailea: well I do have blank pages in my book.
Me: (to myself) omg don’t encourage him